iPad Sales Station

Easy and Fast interface solution for every Customer Age range. Fast product selection and renting process.

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Visa, Master & EC payment

You handle your payout. We have a great Partnership with one of the most modern and biggest payment solutions Worldwide.

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Promotion codes

The use of Promotion codes, Monthly subscription, multi use cards, can change to business and increase significantly the revenue.

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Product Management

Create your own products, events or courses. Manage your clients and stay in contact for future promotions.

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Customizable iPad Sales Station
Adjusts to your Station or renting business

We are constantly implementing new features

Full responsive

Out entire web is responsive and will adapt on any of your devices so you have the control where ever you need it.

Realtime sales information

Every booking, payment, renting hour is visible in real time from where ever you need it, so you have full control over what happens on your Station.


Stay in Contact

Keep the contact with your customers, offer them discounts and inform them about your special events and sports courses.

Payments go to your account

We don't like to handle money that don't belong to us, for that we have strong partners that transfer the money straight and safe to your account.

Discover great features

Keep control over all your employees and manage from the office.

SupSpot Stand up paddle renting software

The fist dedicated Software to rent Stand up Paddles and Manage renting spots

After a long research and the lack of suitable solutions we decided to make our own software to run and manage our Stand up paddle renting stations here in Zürich. We created a simple and easy to use iPad app to make sales as easy as possible. With our Build in Crashcourse option you are able to control if you want a fully automatic station or introduce every customer by giving a Crashcourse.

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Our Team

We are small, but highly experienced both in the Stand up paddle renting Business and in technological solutions.

Sebastian Bustamante

CTO Co-Founder SupSpot

Florian Gander

CEO Co-Founder SupSpot
Project Advisory UX - Startup Consulter - Design driven UX UI interaction designer - Entrepreneur - Sailing Fanatic - EarlyBird


Renting Partner
Best sport partner, and Zürich's biggest renting stations with 3 Sup Spots to rent Stand up paddle boards, Mythenquai, Tiefenbrunnen and Utoquai

Don't hesitate to contact us, we are always looking for new opportunities, partners, brand ambassadors, friends.... we are open for any suggestions or partnership

What our partners say

There is no better marketing then a happy customer.

"SupSpot has done an outstanding job in automatizing the renting process of Stand up Paddles and we are happy and excited to be part of it from the first day on."
Philipp Knecht
CEO of Sideshore AG - Fanatic Swizerland
"What a great idea, the iPad Sales point solutions is revolutionary and world wide first of its kind for Stand up Paddles. We are proud to Partner up with SupSpot to bring this to even more people."
Maurus Strobel
CEO White Wave AG/Indiana SUP - The Swiss Stand up Paddle Brand
"We developed together with SupSpot, and can proudly say, it's a game changer for renting Stand up Paddles & Manage the renting Business. Key to run our stations and with lot's of added value for our clients."
Lukas Fischer
CEO Supkultur - Stand up Paddle in Zürich

More and more extra great features

The advantage of early adopters is that we are ready to implement the features they need


Easy and fast implementation in your existing Online Platform

In a few weeks we will be ready to offer our online booking to eighter clients or 3rd parties in order to make your business grow. So you can partner up with close by Businesses.


The SupSpot app is the perfect Sales Platform for Stand up paddle and related Services

We Manage courses, external 3rd party instructors such as Yoga and Pilates for example which can add their products and courses independently with no more efforts from the station owner. Our ticket system allows to partner up with 3rd party business around you to create great collaborations, discounts or Combi packs.


The Business around you might be the key for your success

Do you have a close by Hotel? Restaurant? Camping? Make them part of your business. You can create great combi packs such as your clients get a discount if they come out of this restaurant or make a consumption after renting with you. Offer discounts to close by hotels, give them access to your booking system to send your clients for a small fee.


All your client data in one place and easy to get in contact with

Specially in this business clients pass by very fast, the SupSpot app helps you not to lose contact with our clients and gives you easy options to control the product they bought. Incentive a client by offering him a returning discount or motivate clients at the beginning of a Season with a discount.

App Pricing

Our business depends on Seasons, Weather, clients.. so we thought about a different way then a usual monthly fee. We want to be part of your business, for the good and for the bad. If you earn money so will we, if you don't we will not ask you for it. Pay for rented board as you go.

  • New 2020
  • New for 2020 we have stablished a flat fee for all our bookings in the System that will benefeit new and existing customers.
  • 0.85 CHF / Board
  • Sign up

* In case you have more then one station please contact us for a multi station discount. This pricing can change if your are part our affiliation program or a Brand Ambassador, please check our affiliation program and be a part of our Business.

Contact Us

We are open for any type of collaboration around the world. Contact us if your interested in a collaboration :)

Goldauerstrasse 57
8006 Zürich - Swizerland
P: (+41) 764081772
Email: mail@supspot.ch

We are a Made in Switzerland Startup located in Zürich, Speak German, English, Spanish.. Contact us if you have any questions.

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